ZEDELA Construction

Bridges, roads, hospitals, homes and schools are some examples of what we build, renovate and maintain in our Construction services.


To keep pace with population growth and increasing urban density, ZEDELA Construction helps meet the need for housing, office and hotel infrastructure. ZEDELA Construction combines innovation capacity and ability to adapt to a wide variety of socioeconomic environments to help cities and governments address major societal issues.

Transport & Infrastructure

As a result of population growth and urbanisation, mobility requirements are expanding at a rapid pace. ZEDELA Construction designs and develops transport infrastructure ensuring the smooth and safe flow of goods and people.

Functional Facilities

ZEDELA Construction designs and builds highly complex facilities around the world. They meet a growing range of uses and are fully blended into their environment.

Water Infrastructure

Building on its expertise dating back more than 120 years, ZEDELA Construction has developed comprehensive capabilities covering the entire water cycle, including standout expertise in areas such as drinking water pumping and supply, wastewater treatment and discharge, rainwater management and dam design, construction and maintenance.

Renewable Energy

To meet strong demand for energy around the world and to support the energy transition with an energy mix that emits less CO2, ZEDELA Construction delivers compelling nuclear and renewable energy solutions.

Oil & Gas

ZEDELA Construction offers a wide range of capabilities to help its oil and gas customers design and build production, transport and storage infrastructure. The Group’s expertise, backed by its outstanding experience, is widely respected in the market.


ZEDELA Construction offers turnkey solutions for protecting the environment: design-build construction of water, waste and flue gas treatment facilities that combine civil and process engineering, soil remediation expertise, asbestos removal and polluted site deconstruction.


ZEDELA Construction designs and builds key infrastructure to support site operation in the mining sector, including tunnels, roads, operating facilities and special equipment.